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Partner with Terracotta Industries and instantly acquire experience, expertise and proven ability in the manufacturing centers of the world.

Why Terracotta Industries?

45 Years of combined experience

1M+ Products over the last 12 months

Terracotta Industries is a procurement service partner with an intense focus on customer service. We make your vision a reality by finding overseas manufacturing options to meet your design and quality requirements – at the most competitive price.

The Terracotta team

Your satisfaction

Our #1 Goal

Our dynamic group is personable, dedicated and extremely responsive. Your needs will be met, potential issues will be resolved, and you will be kept “in-the-loop” throughout the process. With teams working around the clock – in Cincinnati and Shanghai – your Terracotta Team is always available.

Best sourcing options

For You

Terracotta provides turnkey solutions for overseas manufacturing. By identifying and vetting suppliers based on quality, price and on-time performance we devise the most beneficial course of action for your manufacturing and sourcing needs.

The Terracotta ten-step blueprint

Terracotta Industries provides the necessary framework and streamlined approach for all your end-to-end manufacturing and sourcing needs, partnering with you for a seamless and stress-free solution.

  1. Terracotta learns and understands your vision.
  2. Terracotta partners with you to move your product from concept to detailed plan and specifications.
  3. Terracotta begins the search for your best sourcing option - auditing and vetting suppliers to meet well defined standards.
  4. Terracotta shares sourcing options, the procurement process, quality concerns and pricing with you.
  5. Terracotta’s sample/prototyping process begins. The sample lead time is determined by your unique product.
  6. Terracotta serves as your representative at the chosen manufacturer’s facility to oversee the manufacturing of your product.
  7. Terracotta performs on site pre-production, mid-production, and post-production quality control inspections.
  8. Terracotta performs final pre-shipment inspections on site at the manufacturer.
  9. Terracotta manages the logistics of delivering your products from the manufacturer to your door - wherever you may be.
  10. Terracotta follows up with you to ensure your complete satisfaction!

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